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I had met Paul just at the beginning of my cancer journey. He helped me to relax and he showed me the way how to connect to myself and my inner child. After few sessions of theta/cranio treatment I started to feel many subtle changes in my way of seeing the life. It helped me overcome a fear of dying and unforeseen future. Paul’s profound help made me stronger inside and build protective shield which assisted me so I could face the disease on completely different level.
I feel extremely blessed with his presence in my life. He introduced me to my new me. Thank you so much.
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I am a Coach and Psychic healer, certified in Theta Healing™and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I use a number of healing therapies which are tailored to each individual, which enables me to focus completely on YOU. I may combine spiritual healing, psychic healing,Theta healing™ with Cranial Sacral Therapy to ensure the best possible results, which take care of your emotional, mental and physical needs.

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